Linksys WRT54G2 - Trying to figure out if it is dying

Righty, to get straight to the point. I have a WRT54G2 router connected to a Zyxel modem (delivered by ISP). The problem is that over the past few months issues like disconnections, high latency (in games) and overall much lower stability in our connection than what we have been used to. Connecting my computer directly to the Zyxel modem seems to have things running smoothly however, so I am suspecting (or rather quite certain) that the router is to blame here.

I would however like to know if there are things I should try out, settings I should check/change, etc, before I literally pull the plug on this one and replace it. Obviously I'd hate to replace it only to discover the issue persists or that it could easily have been resolved if I wasn't such a newbie when it comes to networks :kaola:

I have to apologize for not providing much more information, but as mentioned, I'm not -too- sturdy when it comes to routers and if I started blurting out what I've tried and numbers I've dug up, it would likely be rather useless or outright dumb stuff. It should however be mentioned that the router in question is fairly new (bought it around 1.5 years ago unless I'm mistaken). I have also recently upgraded the firmware on it, but this didn't really change anything in the situation. Aside from this it is handling both computers via cable (2 of them) and laptops via wifi (3).

If anyone have suggestions regarding where I should look for the error, or anything I can use to test the stability of the network and/or router, I'd be very grateful.

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  1. You should reset the router after reflashing (reset button usually concealed behind pinhole on same surface as network sockets). Try it anyway.
  2. Already done that (followed the manual while reflashing to be sure).

    It seems I have found the source of the problem though. At the slightest sign of uploads, our router will panic and immediately hide the entire internet. Discovered this when the new guy who just moved in mentioned he was having trouble downloading a torrent (we've seldom used bittorrent in the house before, so should have figured out that he was the culprit when the troubles began shortly after he moved in).

    Anyway, after installing custom firmware (dd-wrt) things are better, but far from good. I haven't had time to fiddle with the settings in this version of the firmware today to see if I can tweak anything however. The problem persists, if anything is being uploaded, anything else will collapse. And as an avid MMO player you can probably imagine my displeasure whenever this fellow fires up anything related to torrents.

    But as mentioned, will try to tweak. If that doesn't lead anywhere I will probably do some research and see if I can't find a more cooperative router out there (after googling a bit, it seems I'm not the only one with this issue when it comes to the WRT54G2).
  3. Have a look at MTU settings -- there's a free program called TCPOptimizer which people recommend as a guide, though I had trouble understanding what to do.
  4. After doing some further googling, the bad reviews and reports regarding this router just keeps piling up. So right now it looks like we'll simply look for a replacement, and just split the cost among the 3 of us using the network.

    Looking at what the local stores have in supply right now (to avoid waiting for shipping if I can). And I currently have my eyes on a few NetGear models after hearing mostly good things about the brand. Trying to get newegg links for the ones I find over here, and if anyone have some feedback on them (good or bad), I'd love to hear it.

    NETGEAR WNR3500-100NAS
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