Can a phenom ii x4 run with just the stock heatsink?

I noticed one of my top case fans wasn't spinning so i took a closer look and the black power cable that powers the fan on the phenom ii x4's stock heatsink was stuck in my fan's motor. I tried gently removing it but it wasn't working so I just decided to force it out, and it came out, in two pieces. Now the fan on the heatsink isn't spinning and I need to know if I just underclock my cpu, will the heatsink provide enough heat removal to use without a fan until I can get a new cooler?
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  1. While it may be possible if your case has very good airflow and you don't stress it at all, I certainly wouldn't recommend doing so since you risk damaging the processor. If I remember right that processor is around the 125 W range, so it puts out quite a bit of heat.

    If anything I would try repairing the fan wiring and see if you can get it working again.
  2. I underclocked it to 3.2 and when I try to go into the os it says it needs to check for a hard disk error.. could this be related to the cpu fan not working or is there now also a problem with my hard drive? That'd make my day :)
  3. Well I just turned my pc on, lowered the cpu clock to 3.2, booted windows 7 and opened coretemp and it was at 78 degrees celcius. Idle. So.. no the stock heatsink does NOT work alone.
  4. You absolutely need the CPU fan working !
  5. Agree with bentheere need new cooler like hyper 212+, also you try ran at stock speed with down voltage from bios . It will give more cool. change smallest +0.05v (find in cpu voltage set manually)
  6. With just the heatsink you will have to seriously down-clock and undervolt it, like 2.0ghz. Don't run it like that. You know you can get a 212+ or even the small TX3 from your local CompUSA pretty darn cheap.
  7. just get a new fan, dont run it without the fan.
  8. If he's gonna spend money I say get a TX3 because it's so cheap ^_^. Yeah you could just get the fan though o_O. Of course, if the fan got stuck because the heatsink was warped or somehow defective this would happen again :D
  9. the fan got stuck because he had a cable lodged in it...... but yes a tx3 is a cheap solution that offers better cooling than the stock heatsink, which is a good idea if overclocking, which he is.
  10. Yeah I plan on overclocking. I'm getting an nh-d14 or an xspc rasa 240 soon anyway so I'll have a good cooler for any future cpus anyway.
  11. I ended up going a little cheaper than I planned and got a V6gt but it looks great and the cooling is enough to max out my x4 so I'm happy :D
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