Line-In to play through USB Headset?

Ok so I'm trying to get the Sound coming in from a Line-In device (in this case my Xbox 360) to play through my USB Headset. I've got it hooked up via the Xbox 360 HD/AV VGA cables and I'm using an RCA to 3.5mm adapter to run the sound into my Line-In port on my Creative SB Live! sound card. Currently I can hear sound via the Speaker Output port (cuz I unmuted Line-In) of if I use a 3.5 Female to Female connecter and bypass my PC altogether but both methods require an Analog Headset.

The problem is my USB headset has a much much much better sound quality and I'd like to play it back through that. I found a solution on these boards for this but it didn't work 100% for me and it is as follows:

You need 3 to download and install 3 files in this order
- Winamp:
- Line-in plugin for Winamp: [...] index.html
- Low latency plugin for Winamp: [...] index.html

When all files installed, goto Winamp>Options>Preferences. Select output tab and select "Low Latency waveOut plugin". Click configure and select your USB headset. Close the preferences.

In Winamp playlist, click add>add url (or CTRL-L) Use one of these url's. I always use the 'good quality' url. For more info, read the FAQ.

High quality - line://srate=48000,numbuffers=5000,bufsize=s576,title=High Quality (VIS),hideformat
Good quality - line://title=Stereo (no VIS),hideformat,bufsize=8192,numbuffers=50
Normal quality - line://nch=1,title=FM Radio,hideformat
Bad quality - line://nch=1,bps=8,srate=32000,title=AM

Play the file, and tadaa, your soundcard input is streaming to your USB headset.

What happens is WinAmp will crash the first time I try to play the url and after that it will run but I will just hear static. If anyone knows a fix for this OR another method to get Line-In to play through my USB headset I would appreciate it a lot.

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  1. All you should have to do is unmute the line in, and make sure the USB headset is the default output device within windows [do this from the Windows Control Panel]. No reason why any audio should be going to the soundcards output port if its not set as the default output device...
  2. I did that already but the problem is the USB Device itself does not playback Line-In at all. It isn't even an option. It IS an option on my Sound Card, hence why I can plug in a set of speakers or an Analog Headset but from what I can tell (and I've check several PCs and different USB headsets) no USB headsets have the checkbox to play back Line-In but it could be just a Windows XP thing because those are the PCs I've test it on and am currently using.

    TO be more specific, here are some Screenshots:

    USB Headset Options:

    Sound Card Options:

    If noone has any idea how to get the WinAmp problem resolved I'd also befine with a method that puts the Line-In into a channel that my Headset can hear or anything else that might work.
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