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can you have 2 graphics cards even when your computer is not sli (e.g can i buy an old graphics card that will plug into my PCI) if so is it worth doing?
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  1. you can have 2 graphics cards, but if your mobo doesn't support SLI/CF you will not be able to use it and in most cases it's not worth it
  2. thanks
  3. if i buy an sli motherboard will the two graphics cards have to be the same?
  4. yes, but tell me your full specs, in many cases CPU bottlenecks GPUs, so if you're about to go for SLI then you'll need a strong CPU and why not to get a single GPU? it's always better to have single over double, unless you get double cheaper or the performance difference is very high
  5. What are you trying to use the 2 cards for, just to run more monitors or to speed up graphics?
  6. You could use the second for Physx (9600GT or higher-Anything lower is acually detrimental to the framerates) if its a nVidia, will not have to be the same (Just need a PCI-e slot).
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