New Gaming build, already have some parts..

Working on a gaming build. I already have access to a 2500k and a mobo (not sure what it is exactly, but the guy I'm getting it from is very trusted and knows his hardware). I'm getting these at a discount which should let me spend more money in other places.

I'm going to be using this for gaming. Will also be streaming my Starcraft games to which takes a ton of CPU power and RAM.

CPU / Mobo - already have

GPU: - From what I understand SC2 runs much better on nvidia cards than ATI ones. This would also let me add a second one in the future to upgrade as opposed to my other choice which is 2x 6870s or 6950s. This seems to make sense, but I could be entirely wrong here... I admit to being somewhat ignorant of the relative strength of the current gen of ATI and nvidia cards. Does the Superclocked card actually have any differences from the regular one or do they just tack on an extra few bucks to the card and overclock it? Can I (should I) overclock this further? Finally, what are the temperatures like on the Fermi cards? I'd like to have something that runs relatively cool.

I asked a ton about GPU, but if the 6950's are a better option I'd really appreciate advice on which to get.


Cooling - - I'm trying to overclock.. but nothing too crazy. Not one of those guys that wants to psuh 5GHZ but getting decently into the 4's would be nice.

PSU - - Is it overkill? I've messed around with bad PSU's in the past and want to make sure I get a good one.

Case - - No idea really, just went with a reasonably priced and well rated one. Could definitely use advice here.

HDD - - Same as above.

$931.94 before MIR
$886.94 after MIR

Add in my discounted mobo/CPU and a DVD drive and I'll be right around $1100 or a little higher.
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  1. Memory: You may want to get something from Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin or Gskill that comes with lower profile heatsinks. To prevent any issues with the HSF for the CPU.

    Case: Too much of a matter of taste to comment much on this. But you are in the right ballpark for spending money on it. Just make sure your video card fits.

    PSU: Might be overkill for a single GTX580, but I can't complain about the choice, Corsair HX850 is an excellent PSU. I have one of the powering my i7 920 rig.

    HDD: Great choice.
  2. With that in mind in regards to the RAM, how would this be as a choice?

    Any feedback in regards to the GTX580 or the 2x 6950s would be awesome too.

  3. Not worth the price (referring to your recent linked memory) Get the standard 1333, you won't even see a difference between 1333 and 1600 yet there is practically a $15-$25 difference. It's more of a marketing scheme.

    In regards to the GPU, what resolution are you going to run?
    But even w/o knowing your resolution. Don't buy SLI/CF for Blizzard games. Now not all Blizz games are like this. But majority have a fail Crossfire/SLI usage. They end up getting the frames of the single card. So basically CF 6950 = 1x6950 in SC2.,2611-5.html
    As you can see (although this is medium settings) almost any card performs the same.

    Frio, that thing is really loud. You may want a different one but it is a solid cooler.

    F3 is cheaper on Amazon.
  4. You said to get 1333 but you linked the 1066. Is that correct or did you mean one of these 2?

    I run dual monitors.. the games will be running in 1920x1200. SC2 is my main game but I also play other things.. Civ 5, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, will be playing D3, etc.

    I hadn't realized how loud the cooler is. Definitely open to exploring other options there.
  5. Make sure the memory is 1.5V though. Gskill Snipers 1.5V CAS9 1600Mhz is like $74.99 so not much of a difference over the 1333.
  6. Haha my bad.
    You don't need it to be 1.5V, that's just meh. Low voltage doesn't always matter.

    It all depends then. Mass Effect doesn't really favor any cards. Civ 5 likes Nvidia, but Dragon Age likes AMD. D3 is hard to say but should be like SC2 and it seems as thoughh SC2 doesn't play favorites so.... in the end, do you play Civ or DA more? If you play Civ more, go 580, DA more then go 6950/6970.
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