What card can play most games maxed on 1440x900?

I have a 24" TV which I use as a monitor(samsung) and I prefer playing my games in widescreen rather than 1920x1080

Here are my Specs :

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4GHz
4gb DDR3(upgrading to 6GB)
ATI 5450
350W PSU(going to upgrade with card)

I'm looking into the 5850 right now since I found it for $150

I was previously going to get the Sapphire 6950 2gb but it's kind of a lot of money and i'm not sure i'f I should get it(if I did I would play at max resolution)

Is there any other card out there to possibly play every game at 1440x900 resolution on max?
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  1. From what I can find the 5850 falls sorta between the 6850 and 6870 in performance. You could look at these cards as an alternative. But I think the 5850 is probably a pretty good deal, but is still a late model card. At that resolution you won't need a crazy card to push out good graphics. A 5850 will probably do pretty well. Nvidia doesn't really have an offering in that performance range. A GTX460 1GB falls short and a GTX470(hard to find) is slightly better. The GTX560 is pretty close in performance to a GTX470 and would easily beat out a 5850, but is about $250.

    What is your budget? You may be able to find a GPU + PSU combo on newegg.
  2. Here is a decent PSU if you are looking for a good deal and don't mind red lights.

  3. I have $2k but I dont wanna blow a big proportion on it towards my PC until I get my camera so I can start making a steady flow of money. I'd probably drop 280 the most

    I was looking at the 6950 MSI Twin Frozr/Sapphire 2GB ( MSI/Sapphire has a 25/20 buck rebate which is pretty cool )

    only problem is that I dont know if either will fit in my case, I have a mini tower. I havent opened up yet to measure but I know the sapphire is about 9inches long and 4inches tall or so I heard on a description of it

    If I got a 6950 either MSI or Sapphire would I be good for a few years? say 3?
  4. also if I can fit the 6950 any recommendations to increase airflow in such a small case?
  5. Yeah you will want to measure it up and make sure it fits. In a small case I would look for a blower fan to it exhausts the hot air from the card. Another good idea would be to populate any available case fans you can. For example an exhaust fan or intake fan. Cleaning up cables is also a good idea. Anything to promote air circulation in, through, and out of your case.
  6. Thanks a lot! :D
  7. There is also the GTX560 which is a 9" card.
  8. Newbloodiv said:
    I have a 24" TV which I use as a monitor(samsung) and I prefer playing my games in widescreen rather than 1920x1080

    Isn't 1920x1080 a 'widescreen' (16x9) screen resolution? Or you like the black bars??????

    GTX 560
    GTX 460 (OC'ed to 850, mine can get Crysis almost maxed at 1920x1080 with an average of about 24fps)
    ATI 6850
    ATI 6870
    ATI 5870
    ATI Radeon 5850
    ATI Radeon 5830 (Should be able to cut it at that rez)

    The new ATI cards are a little iffy as they are about 10.5" long. With a new card, make sure you fill all of the fan slots, and blow around the case to get rid of the dust.
  9. I actually do like the black bars
  10. :lol: it would drive me nuts. But I guess its personal preference.
  11. a 5850 will be good for that res. Even crysis should be smooth maxed out at that res.
  12. I have a friend with a 5850 and he has it slightly overclocked and can ALMOST max out crysis with good framerates at 1920x1080. At 1440x900 it should snore through Crysis :).
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