How do i remove the tearing effect from empire total war?

i have a sony vaio, now supposedly this computer is supposed to tear threw any game. i bought empire total war, i was so excited to play it, install and go to play and every part of the game has this tearing effect, making triangles and i can barely see my units, its horrible. i have ATI radeon hd 4650, intel core duo 2.53GHZ and 1GB of vram dedicated. i really dont know much about what all that means. i just want some help on how to fix this problem so i can enjoy this game. any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Turn on vsync in the graphics options.
  2. I would try Vsync as stated above. You can always download the profram called FRAPS. That will tell you in the top corner how many frames you are running at. 60FPS is usually optimal for any game. However, it looks like this is more of an RTS in which case many times 30+FPS is ok to. If they are to low you will need to reduce your graphic settings.

    My parent's have a similar configuration in a HP laptop. Mobile 4650 and T6600 CPU. It plays most games ok, but usually have the lowest, or moderate settings depending on game. It is not as powerful as the desktop 4650 card, but it does alright. It is by no means a powerful card and will not "tear threw any game" by any means. True gaming laptops are not cheap and usually have much beefier cards.
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