Graphics card causing Windows Profile probs

Hi all,

Just recently bought an AGP Radeon 9250 to shore up my old machine. First time I installed, PC booted up fine, and I noticed an improvement in graphics generally, and through a benchmark test.

When I started my PC up again though, it gets to the windows profile screen, and gives me a bunch of messages saying that the windows profile cant be loaded, lack of system resources, etc, then just hangs at that screen forever.

I really can't understand how it worked once, and now not, so I'm totally stumped. Any ideas?


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  1. How much RAM do you have? Free hard-drive space?
  2. 1GB of RAM, about 17GB free on my HD. Card worked the first time though, and I didn't install any new progs or change anything, then it stopped working.

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. Can you start in Safe Mode? If you can, go in and create a new user profile there, try that one. Your profile could have just gotten corrupt.
  4. Well, I'm using the same profile I always use now. When I pull the card out, and switch back to the onboard graphics, the profile works fine. I can start in safe mode, as I tried re-installing the drivers that way, would it make a difference if I created a new profile in safe mode with the new card installed?

    Thanks again for your help.
  5. Not sure how the new card affects your profile to cause the errors, but would be a good test to try a different account. You may have a fix if not a solution.
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