What is a game computer?

What is your thought of the cheapest computer that is considered a "game computer". Include:
graphics card
Power supply
Storage device

I want your input so I can make my own gaming computer
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  2. A game computer...lets see here. Do you want to know the relative price of the components in a game computer or do you want to know a few pieces of general hardware that aren't that high up in the price range?
  3. lowest price that you consider game computer
  4. $750 is probably your best bet to get started. Afterwards you can upgrade it.
    Motherboard - $150 - $200
    Hard Drive - $80
    Case - $100 - $200
    RAM - $80 - $150
    Power Supply - $90 - $150
    Operating System - $100 +(unless open source)
    Processor - $150 - $300
    DVD Drive - $30 - $50

    That is just the base system of course.
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    Check out for some budget build, theres a $450ish one in there thats a good enough build for low gaming by lunyone I think it was
  6. $750 is a slightly below-average gaming rig. You could do $500, but only if you were doing something like WoW and other lower power MMOs. It depends ENTIRELY on what you want to play, and how you want to play it.
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  8. Thanks for B.a. man,
    be prepared to alter the build as you need, better psu/graphics etc but as boiler said, something like that will more than do you for Wow etc,
    have fun and enjoy the build mate,
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