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Hello Tom's Hardware community! :)

I am preplanning a partial new build or rebuild. Current MB is ASUS P6X58D deluxe with a Intel 930 2.8 CPU, XFX 5850, 1000W PS, 16GB 1600 RAM and a 2TB SATA 7200 HD. I intend to reuse the PS, RAM, PC case and AIO water cooling, and SATA HD (third drive for office etc).

The background info: PC usage is mainly high rez gaming, with minor photoshop, office, browsing etc.

New components already on-hand: Two new 256GB SSD (M4 & 830) drives and XFX 7870.

Looking for new motherboard/CPU suggestions for the X77, X79 1155, 2011 options. product quality, component options (# of SATA 6GB ports, USB 3 ports etc, quality and support are key factors.

I've been eyeing the ASUS X77 ROG, Deluxe and Premium. I'm interested in hearing suggestions for other companys boards such as MSI, GIGABYTE, etc and how they may be on par or better than the ASUS examples I listed. Also any good leads on matching CPU's for the MD suggestions are appreciated.

Lastly most of my purchases are thru the Egg, Amazon and Tiger but I'm going in with eyes wide open. @.@

Thanks in advance to all that post their suggestions, I do value the communities expereince and input.
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  1. I personally would just install the new components in the current rig.
    You get the most for the money with the Deluxe
    Then the Sabertooth is a nice board
  2. I agree with rolli59^. It costs you nothing to install the new parts and see how you do. The graphics card is the critical component to gaming, more so than the cpu. You are getting a nice boost there.

    Your i7-930 is still a fast cpu. Why not try a conservative OC first?
  3. Thanks Rolli59 and geofelt, I'm going to follow your advice and just go with the Video and SSD upgrades for now and explore MB & CPU upgrades later.

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