Using speed fan to check CPU temp?


Here is a screenshot of what speedfan looks like on my computer:

If I want to check my CPU temperature, is it by looking at "temp1" or "cores 0-3"?

Also, is it possible to setup speedfan to look at GPU temp? I have an ATI HD 5850.

Here is my config screen:

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  1. You should look at the Core # for the best temp gauges. Are you running the stock heatsink that came with the CPU?

    Also for looking at the GPU temperature, I would recommend GPU-Z:
  2. I am using the stock heatsink.

    It's strange cause when i stress test my CPU, the temp1 reading maxes out at around 77C while the individual cores goes upwards of 95-97C. Do I need to be concerned about this? I didn't experience any random restart/shut down/freezing though.
  3. Wow 95-97*C? If that is accurate, then that's incredibly too hot. Almost to the point where your computer would auto-shutdown to prevent permanent damage to the CPU. Is your stock heatsink installed correctly (is it firmly secured by it's 4 mounting pins)? Does your case have ample ventilation and cooling fans in it? I would not run a load on your processor until you can get better cooling to that CPU.
  4. Yeah, everything seems to be installed correctly. I'm also using a cooler master HAF 932 so there should be plenty of fans.

    I just played Starcraft 2 for 5-6 hours and it's been showing that temp the whole time. But I didn't experience any slowdowns, restarts, shutdown or anything weird otherwise. So I'm not really sure what's going on.
  5. There's something funny about that 95C reading. Try running a program CoreTemp (it's free and doesn't need installing with the .zip version). If it reports 95C as well, I wouldn't run that cooler much longer because even with a stock heatsink and not overclocking, it shouldn't be that hot.
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