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Why do I lag with new PC


I wanna know why I am lagging in games like Just Cause 2 and Dirt 3 and not beable to max it out on my sytem:

Intel i5 3550 3.3GHz Ivy Bridge
ASrock Z77 Pro 3
Corsair 4Gbx2 ram ddr 3 1600mhz
AMD HD 6870 1Gb
Windows 7 64bit
Huntkey 550W PSU

See I recently upgraded to this PC and I can't even max out Just Cause 2. It is all smooth when I look away from close up walls, but when I walks close to walls and buildings etc I start to lag en get 30fps and when I look away I get 60fps( V-sync enabled). Seems to me like something to do with the shadows that makes me lag in games. I wanna know is it my motherboard that is the problem, because I am new to ASrock and dont know them that well like ASUS. So I am wondering if its my motherboard that is not good enough or is it my PC that isnt good enough or is it my GPU IDK plz tell me. I seen people max out JC2 with a weaker PC than mine.

Thanx any comments will be appreciated
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  1. I would guess it is your PSU being not good enough.

    What PC weaker than yours are they using to max it out with?
  2. What resolution do you play on?
  3. Make sure you have the latest drivers for everything from the manufacturers websites.

    Power supply should be fine. You could run 2 x HD 6870s off a decent 550w power supply.
  4. Raiddinn said:
    I would guess it is your PSU being not good enough.

    What PC weaker than yours are they using to max it out with?

    My brother has got:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.6Ghz CPU
    ATI HD 4870 2GB
    Corsair HX or CX 850W PSU
    ASUS Mobo (not sure of exact model)
    2GBx4 ddr 3 RAm
    Acer 20" screen
    Zalman heatsink

    He doesnt overclock or nothing.

    I use 24" Samsung. 1920x1080.
  5. Well, a 20" monitor versus a 24" monitor differs in screen resolution so try to play at his 20" monitor resolution and see what you get.
  6. Still the same lag.. I see when i turn my shadow from high to low I get above 60fps and with SSOA off.. I got latest GPU drivers and mobo drivers.. But I have inserted my GPU in the PSI-E 3.0 slot instead of the 2.0 slot.. I tried putting it in the 2.0 slot and got worse performance from it than 3.0 and my card supports 2.0... I havent touched my GPU settings nothing.. So im clueless to what the problem is..
  7. Also tell him you want to borrow his PSU to test with.
  8. But can my PSU affect my performance? If so how?
  9. Whereas the CPU of the computer is the computer's brain, the PSU is its heart.

    Do you think if you had a bad heart it could affect your real world performance?
  10. Think I found the problem.. Thanx guys
  11. Best answer
    What source of the problem did you find?
  12. My Just Cause 2 game is cracked and has a shadow bug in it that causes the lag.. When i switch shadows off it plays smooth with everything maxed out.. But when shadows come on I lag and All my other legit games I play Online with I can max out fine except BF3 but I mean I can play Bf3 on High with 45-55fps so It must the game that is bugged.. cracked games always have errors and bugs etc..
  13. Are you seriously posting this? ^ Buy the games you cheap a$$. TH doesnt support piracy. Read the ToS.
  14. We do not support software piracy on Tom's Hardware.
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