Graphics upgrade: one more 5850 or 6870

My rig is currently equipped with only one HD 5850.
Should i buy another 5850 and run a crossfire system (i do have the psu and mb required for this), or just upgrade to a 6870 and remove the 5850?
I'm inclined to go with the first option, because the performance difference from 6870 to 5850 is quite small, but what are your toughts?
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  1. the performance difference between 5850 and 6870 is almost negligible, so that wouldn't really make any sense.
    Crossfiring would give a bigger increase but it has its problems as well, though some people seem to get it running perfectly fine while others just dont...
  2. Yeah thats what i tought too. The performance upgrade isn't considerable. I think I'd get crossfire to work good, i have a Corsair 750TX psu, which is quite enough, and a Gigabyte 790fxt-ud5p mobo, so both cards would run in 16x mode, which is quite nice considering most mobos other than i7 ones don't have this..
    The problem is I may not be able to buy a hd5850, they're kinda out of stock, I'm having a hard time finding one, but i should be able to get one eventually.
    Thanks for the answer!
  3. No point going to a 6870. If you're upgrading from a 5850 to a single card, I wouldn't do it for less than a 570 or 6970.

    CF 5850s kicks ass. Do it, especially since you can get a 5850 for $150.
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