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If i wanted to upgrade my motherboard on my PC, what steps are required to configure it properly? Would i have to reinstall windows and drivers? The reason i wanted to upgrade is because the motherboard i have does not support usb 3.0, doesn't have dual PCI slots, and is only 3gbs. I purchased a 120gb oz agiligy SDD and it sucks that i'm not using it to its capability. Would you guys recommend doing this at all and would it be risky or a lenghy process?

My current motherboard is asus m4a88t-m and i would like to upgrade to ASUS M5A97. My process ( phenom 1035t) is compatible with the new board and Ram is as well.Any help would be appreciated and thank you for your time.
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  1. You will need to reinstall Windows and all the drivers, yes.

    It shouldn't require any more effort to set it up than it did to setup the M4A88T-M board.
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