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Need recommendation for mobo on Dell XPS 630i

Hello, I was thinking about starting fresh with a new pc from the ground up. After trying to sell my current PC and with no luck I've decided to just swap out the motherboard. I currently have a Dell XPS 630i. I am looking to get an i5 3570k. I know things are specially designed for Dells and that's why I don't know what will be compatible. It currently has a Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4ghz. Any recommendations are appreciated. I have someone to install the new motherboard for me so I am not worried about that. Thanks.
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    Check the dell power supply rating first; if it's 320 watts or higher and you plan on using onboard video, then it may work fine with the new board. If you currently have a dell windows coa, then getting another dell board used on ebay may make sense, but most of the newer ones are priced too high. Here's a combo priced from newegg versus a used dell board:

    Used dell board with backplate (pretty good price):
    Recommended ram with dell: ($46.98 for two sticks)

    Non dell board:
    Windows: (you can get the home version cheaper, but pro lets you use old xp files)

    The dell board is for sandy bridge only and won't overclock, so a 2500 or 2600 non K cpu is recommended; they are cheaper than the K versions with unlocked multiplier. I found a 2600 used for $150 recently on craigslist. If you want a newer dell ivy bridge board, then you might as well go with the biostar and get a separate windows coa if needed. Any newer board than the one I found used will be priced too high. Sell your old dell board as a combo special on craigslist or ebay; it's worth about $125-150 used with the cpu/board/ram. This will help you pay for the new combo.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Those are all options I will consider. I do currently have a 750 watt power supply inside.
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