Cannot Update The Display Driver - AMD HD 6950 2GB

Hello Friends.

Firstly, I mention this - When working, AMD Cards are best. Please Quote - " when working ". I have a HD 4870, which refuses to update the display driver for past 5 months. Since I was building a new system from scratch, I dint care about that.

I built a new system. The specifications are :

i7 2600K
GSkill Ripjaws 4 x 2 GB 1600MHz
Asus P8P97 Pro
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit ( Original, Legitimate Windows )
Samsung P2350 23.6" Full HD Monitor

" AMD HD 6950 2GB Sapphire Graphics Card "

First time when booted, I installed the Drivers from the given Driver CD and The card got Installed ( Catalyst V 10.12 ). Since It was older , I decided to change it to newer Version 11.3. So What I did was :

1. Updated Windows to SP1
2. Uninstalled ATI softwares ( Express Uninstall )
3. Ran CCleaner

Rebooted in safe mode, and Ran Driver Sweeper.

4. Right clicked the Catalyst V11.3 and ran in Administrator mode.
5.Everything got installed, except the Display Driver ( Ati Display Driver - Status Fail ).

After the installation, It shows " No AMD Driver found or Incompatible Hardware".

So, I went to device manager and right clicked the VGA Controller and updated it. It found the driver, downloaded and Did not install. The error message was " Driver is not compatible with the hardware.Please contact manufacturer For details".

Then, I searched Windows update and it succeeded in updating the display for HD 6900 Series ( which was abnormally 27 MB in size, as The display driver from AMD is 75 MB ). Now the display is working.

But, When i see the information, My latest Display driver does not install at all. Whatever I try, it does not.

Please help me, as I am suffering very much worse with the stupid drivers. I own ATI cards since 2008 and its only last few months this is happening.

Or kindly suggest me a good guide to install the drivers.


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  1. What's your power supply?

    Also, try turning off Windows Aero Themes and UAC. They've been known to cause problems with the 6xxx series drivers.
  2. Also, if you have any secondary displays connected, disconnect them before installing the new drivers. Continue to do the method you listed (involving CC Cleaner and DriverSweeper).

    Edit: Found evidence of people who have monitors connected via HDMI were having issues installing new drivers? Wow...

    If you have a DVI connection, I'd advise trying it. This s&@!'s wacky.
  3. Hi..

    PSU : Corsair TX 750W

    Nope. I dont have any secondary monitor.... The problem has elevated now.... My system opens only in safe mode. In normal mode, it hangs whenever i Log in :(

    Also, My monitor does not have any HDMI output. Only RGB through DVI connector.( Analog)
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    I suggest you to reinstall windows again, after that, download the latest graphics drivers and install them. by then you must not have any problems. ( just be sure installing drivers first before updating w7 --updates could be causing the problems-- ) .
  5. @PEZ

    Did the same and Now no probs. Installed well.

    But, I am afraid to think of future updates!!! I cant afford to reinstall windows every time.. Its high time that AMD come up with some solutions..
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  7. Hmm in order to avoid that kind of issues, I don't use to update windows7, unless it is necesary for installing something else as microsoft use to do.
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