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Asus P8Z77-PRO/Cooler Master 212+CPU FAN Error


Just got the following system

Asus P8Z77 Pro
Intel i5 3570k
Cooler Master 212+
Corsair TX 750
NVIDIA Geforce 560

On the Optimized Defaults, I also receive a CPU Fan Error. The BIOS indicates that it is spinning between 600 to 700 RPM, but it keeps throwing up this error.

The only time it does not throw up this error is when I set the threshold to less than 600 RPM. Currently, I have it set to 500 RPM and no issues.

Thoughts? Or is the Cooler/Fan broken and should I get it returned?

Thanks for your help!
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    I think it's your preset software that was not adjusted to a big heatsink such as the Hyper 212+. The 212+ fan only comes on when needed and will spin faster as the CPU heats up during activity and vice verse. Personally I wouldn't worry about it. I checked mine and it's going at 400rpm at the moment.
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