Asus P5W DH Deluxe LED Flashing

Hi Guys,

I wonder if you can help me out.

I've been given a computer to look at that wont boot up, i've taken the side panel off and can see an LED on the motherboard that is flashing on/off.

I've looked on a few other forums and people have suggested a fault PSU, the PSU that is in the PC is an OCZ GameXStream Power Supply 1010W.

I've been onto the OCZ forum and noticed a post on how to test the power supply, found here I've done this and plugged a SATA power cable into the harddrive and also CD-ROM drive.

The PSU powers up but seems to trip, I've uploaded a video for more info:

Can anyone help?


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  1. Try to Check the system with another psu. Also tighten the power connection for mobo. It canbe your psu too. Try to test psu on another system too.

    I am thinking faulty mobo. Psu 2nd.
  2. Hi Mate,

    Thanks for the reply, when I took this video it isn't connected to a motherboard...

    Do you think think it could be the motherboard?
  3. Check with another psu. This will clear if there any mobo issue.
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