Need help with VGN-CR590C drivers! (Vista-32 to Win7-64)

I used to have Vista 32-bit on here and I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit. The problem is that the Sony website doesn't release Windows 7 64-bit drivers for my model as it is only sold with Vista 32-bit.

As you can see, there is no drop down menu anywhere to select which operating system I have.

And here:
it says that Windows 7 is not supported. (I have ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and my computer seemed to check out and pass all the system requirements.)

Can anyone help me out with finding where all necessary driver updates for my computer are, as many things I've noticed either don't function the same or at all as they used to when I had Vista?

Here's a list of all the problems that I've noticed so far.

- Scroll on touch pad didn't work (Resolved by downloading Synaptics drivers, although the official drivers would be nice.)
- Plugging into the headphone jack didn't do anything (Resolved by downloading Realtek drivers)
- Volume buttons change the volume in very tiny increments and doesn't show the levels on screen (Major issue for me.)
- Doesn't support Dual/Multi Monitors
- Doesn't recognize MIDI Controllers (Resolved. Not sure how.)
- Card reader doesn't work. (Another major problem.)
- Webcam doesn't work. (Built-in mic seems to work fine.)
- "AV Mode" button does nothing (I've never had a use for this button but before it would make the whole screen go black.)
- Function commands on keyboard don't work (ie. Fn + F5/F6 for brightness up/down)

I'm really worried that the drivers that would resolve these issues don't exist!

Any insight, help or suggestions that you can share will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
I really don't want to resort to downgrading back to Vista or 32 bit!
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  1. if they offer vista 64 bit drivers...those will work too

    but there is a reason why you shouldn't install a 64 bit on a computer without checking drivers first

    and 64 bit on a laptop is just asking for trouble....seeing as the laptop probably doesn't support >4gb of ram anyway.....
  2. They only have 32 bit drivers.
    I installed Windows 7 Beta before the official was released so I didn't know at the time that Sony didn't make drivers for my machine. The upgrade advisor said everything was good so I assumed things would be fine. And my laptop has 4gb of ram.

    Anyways. I think I'll search Sony's website for similar laptops that support 64 bit Win 7 and then try out their drivers.

    Does anyone know a better way?
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