Will a coolermaster silent pro gold 700w run gtx 570 sli?

And an i5 2500k at 4.5 ghz for that matter
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  1. I would not run any two high end cards on 700w. I don't think your PSU can keep up.
  2. will it run a single 570
  3. robbiep28 said:
    will it run a single 570

    According to NVIDIA's own specifications a single reference clocked GeForce GTX 570 has a Graphics Card Power of 219 Watts. This means it will draw up to 18.25 Amps from the +12 Volt rail(s) of the power supply unit. NVIDIA also recommends a minimum 550W or greater system power supply with a +12 Volt current rating of at least 38 Amps or greater.

    For two GeForce GTX 570 in 2-way SLI a minimum 800W or greater system power supply with a +12 Volt current rating of at least 57 Amps or greater is recommended.

    The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 700W (RS-700-80GA-D3) is able to provide 56 Amps on its single +12 Volt rail and should, in theory, be capable of handing two GeForce GTX 570 in 2-way SLI.
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    You MIGHT be pushing it with that. Under Nvidia's SLI site, they don't have 570 listed but they do have dual 470's. I went with that as they consume roughly the same amount of power. The CoolerMaster Silent Gold 800W is listed but not the 700. However, the Silent Pro M700 is listed. ( ). If you are overclocking you always have to take that into account. In my opinion it is not safe to use the 700W. I'd look at a 800W gold or 850W bronze PSU. PS, in your system config it says you have an 800W CM Silent Gold. Is this a different PS in question? For a highend system that you are overclocking, it's always better to have MORE than sorta be on that fringe of OK.

    Here are my recommendations on SOLID PSU's

    Antec High Current Gamer Series 900W (70A on 12V rails)

    Cougar SX850 (69A across 12V rails)

    Enermax Revolution85+ 920W (76A across 12V rails)
  5. JackNaylorPE said:

    +1 didn't see this. That is a really good price after MIR.
  6. 700W PSU with that CPU OC might not run 570 SLI, but will handle single card well, if i were you i'd take something like 850W PSU for that system
  7. Just stick both vid cards in it. If the system goes unstable then it cant handle it....
    The End.
  8. ^ 620W isn't going to run 570 SLI... never...
  9. I know my setup is different, but I'm running a Seasonic 650x....

    5850 CF@850/1100
    5 HDDs

    My UPS has never shown more then 500 watts used....
  10. 5850 CF uses clearly much less power than 570 SLI
  11. guru3D used i7 OCed to 3,75GHz, while OP has heavily OCed i5 2500k to 4.5GHz, he will have around 650W total consumption, that's a bit too much for 700W PSU...
  12. firebird said:

    So tell us why Tom's used a 1,000 Watt power supply unit when the system power using the Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 never exceeded 475 Watts? Even with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 in SLI the system power never exceed 590 Watts.

    Why did Guru3D use a 1,200 Watt power supply unit for their testing, if you think power supply wattage is so critical?
  13. I'm just trying to provide info, not convince anyone to do anything.

    I've been reading this post from the Nvidia SLI thread:

    Almost everyone says 850watt for an i7860@1.3625v is minimum, but nobody has the same setup to say for sure.
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