Will this Setup Work

Will this Setup Work?

Alright. I'm pretty sure all of these parts will work together, and I'm satisfied with what I've picked, unless I get some information that will change my mind. Pretty much what I want to know is will all the parts fit in the case, work together, and are the parts I have selected good enough for the money. Here it is, just click it and it gets bigger and you can zoom in.

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  1. It looks good! However, you can combo up and use rebates to save a wad of cash. I built a pretty similar setup, might wanna check it out ;) http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/312822-31-bestconfigs-budget-intel-based-gaming
  2. Thanks for the info dood.
  3. Quick question. I just got this deal today in my mailbox. I'd get the processor for $139 with a promo code. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131705&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL062811&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL062811-_-EMC-062811-Index-_-MotherboardsIntel-_-13131705-LC5B

    It's basically the same as the other mobo just a few differences... Will it work?
  4. You linked a motherboard. What is the deal again?
  5. I just paid $489 a piece for a couple EVGA Superclocked GTX580s on Amazon with free shipping. You might want to check Amazon as well because Newegg tried to slaughter me with shipping costs.

    Amazon 2 day = Free
    Newegg 2 day = $230

    This was for a full system by the way. Your results may be different... just a heads up.
  6. Are you in canada or somewhere? Newegg offers free shipping on almost everything.... Not saying it's not true, just hard to believe.
  7. I have a question... do I need thermal paste?
  8. Not if using stock heatsink. Which btw, I would recommend an aftermarket cooler. Something like the Hyper 212+ ($30 at amazon) would be excellent, lets you overclock to around 4.5GHz with no issues.
  9. I don't really even know if I want to overclock. If it gets to the point where I need to overclock in order to run the games smoothly, which probably would take a while, I'd do it. If I'm not going to overclock, would an aftermarket cooler really be that important?
  10. Even if I did get the aftermarket fan, would it fit?
  11. If you are getting a 2500k, there is no reason NOT to overclock. It's a free performance boost! Many mobo's have an "easy overclock" In which it at least bumps the speed a little bit. I suggest you at least try it.

    And yes, a 120MM cooler (Like the Hyper 212+ or Scythe Mudgen 2100) Would have no problems fitting in the HAF 922, none at all.
  12. I hear you, I just really don't feel like paying the extra 50 bucks. even though that sounds a little stingy. :P
  13. 40*
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