Graphics card for aspire x1700

Hi all,

I am currently using an Acer Aspire X1700.
But i want to use it for more games than i currently do.
But the only thing letting me down is my graphics card.
So im asking for some opinions on a fairly good card to put in it, bearing in mind my PS is 220W, and that the case itself is relatively small, actually it is very small, i read around on the forums and they claim i need a "low profile card"? if that means anything to anyone?

Basically im just looking to play most new games on at least medium settings, ie GTAIV etc etc

So any help here would be appreciated, if you need any more info please let me know!

Thanks a bunch :)

- Craig
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  1. No bumpies :non:

    But to answer your question, it depends on your CPU.

    For faster Dualies/quads, the 5670 should do great on your system,

    For Pentiums DCs, a 5570 would be nicer:
  2. Sorry about that, still new here :P

    My CPU is currently Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz 2.67GHz

    So i should go with the top card?
    Sorry for all the questions, its just due to the low PS and physical size of the casing, i know people have had problems with this system before.

    Thanks :)
  3. The real question here is if it will fit in your case......
    My son has a system with the E7300 processor and his case will fit thebig cards...
    He is using a 9800GTX+ which has the 6 pin power plug on it and he games L4D2 @1680 x 1050 with no problems...
    To make sure the card will the side of your case and measure the distance from the inside back (where the card will be installed) to the nearest point the card will encounter (probably the hdd rack).
    Most card manufacturers give you the dimentions of their cards so look at them and compare the length with what you have available.
    That power supply will most likely not have the required 6 pin connector for the new you might want to look at a new supply too..seasonic, corsair, enermax or pcp&c are a few of the best out there.
    I hope this answers some questions you might have had..please post you iside dimentions...
  4. You cannot use those huge 9800 cards in the x1700 for two reasons: (1) space and (2) power supply. The x1700 has, I believe, a 220W power supply and is very low profile. So, the more powerful, more power-hungry cards won't work.

    I run the following in my x1700:
    GeForce GT430 and it runs most modern games at medium settings very well. Some modern games, you can crank up the details a little more. Just tinker with the settings for each individual game and find what's right for you.

    I'll note that the specs for the GT430 say that a 300W power supply is required. I've been running mine in my x1700 for 6 months now without any type of issue at all. So, go for it.

    As for the AMD/ATI cards, my preferences are: If you have an intel CPU, stick with nVidia cards. If you have an AMD CPU, stick with ATI cards. I've experienced too many random problems with mixing the two and have not experienced those same problems by following that rule.

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