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I have some memory from a while back rated for Cas Latency of 6 with timings 6-8-6-24-(even 1t).

I am unable to find any RAM rated for these timings.

I guess my question is why is it so hard to find ddr3 RAM CL6 these days?
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    I guess they had problem maintaining that latency after Intel required them to lower the voltage to 1.5volts for sandy bridge. Then again if the ram can run that tight on 1600 why not make it faster and relax the latency a little.
  2. I agree, I want the best performing RAM possible, but I have also heard without knowing the truth to it that AMD CPU architecture runs faster with lower timings compared to higher clocks with looser timings.

    Thank you for your response. I found some of these modules still being sold on Amazon. I highly recommend them. A bit overpriced considering you can get CL9 2133mhz for the same price and double capacity. But I'm unsure of the effects of loosening CL timing by 3 for 533mhz.

    I am up to 1700mhz on the stated timings stably.
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