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Quick question guys,

Can I RMA a mobo even though I messed it up? Basically, I was trying to get cooler temps for my brother's cpu via replacing the thermal paste but now the mobo seems to be in a coma of some sort. All the fans run but I get no visual and no beeps etc etc. So I checked the Gigabyte site and it said that every mobo comes with a 3yr warranty so I was wondering if that'd apply to me. The mobo doesn't look fried or anything, so would it be possible to get an RMA?

If you're curious about the problem, it's described in more detail here:
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  1. If you are talking CPU cooler paste then I do not see why they should not RMA.
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    Technically speaking, the RMA process is meant to mitigate manufacturer failures, not end user failures.

    If it looks at all like you did it yourself, they will probably deny it. I have seen people turned down for things like bent pins and stuff.

    However, it is possible that the motherboard maker will opt to be nice even though they don't have to.
  3. Well the mobo physically appears brand new. The second I replaced the thermal paste, however, it gives me these problems. So theoretically, the manufacturing could be blamed or I could at least convince them that it wasn't my fault right?
  4. You could try. They have some ability to check that, though.

    Did paste ooze out the side or something?
  5. It's all right, I solved my problem :D Ironically, neither the mobo nor the cpu were flawed! I was just dumb and forgot to plug in the 8pin connector to power the cpu xD I am a shame to the computer community but thanks for the help!
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