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Hi all,
Im puting together a pc for mainly watching blurays and some occasional gameing at 1600x900. i need to know if its compatable and if theres something with a similiar price but beter perfomance basicaly i want best bang for my buck. I dont want to be spending any more then that. Im prolly gona leave the graphic card out and buy that at a later time. my budget for the pc alone is £300 not including the graphic card.I wont be needing a monitor or mouse and keyboard. It needs to have a hdmi to connect it to my hd tv.I will be buying this tommorow so i kinda need a fast reply. Heres what ive put together so far.

follow this link for my build
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  1. You should be fine, but go m itx. For the job, you don't need much,check my build information, you'll see!
  2. I would seriously consider waiting 1-2 weeks for the desktop LLano parts if your looking to build a HTPC/light gaming rig. Those systems come with video cards on par with what you selected built in.
  3. Hi thx for the reply,
    are they in a similiar price range?
  4. The a8-3850 APU should retail for around $120 USD. The motherboard will cost about $110 USD. This will include 4 cores @ 2.9Ghz and an amd radeon 6550 video card, which is on par with the card you selected. If prices stay stable this is about 145 pounds, which should still leave you enough for the case, hard drive and power supply. Don't forget about the dvd drive though.

    Faster memory makes Llano systems much happier so if you go this route you may want to purchase faster ram. I personally like corsair

    Happy building!
  5. You have a point there ill wait for that then even if i decide not to go the Llano route, im sure there will be price drops on other amd processors because of the llano. :)
    p.s i allready have a dvd-r drive forgot to mention that sorry =]
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