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Well, a couple of weeks ago, I had posted a question about whether I should get a gtx 580 or crossfire 6950s. I was told that I would have huge problems with drivers, temperatures, volume of the cards, etc if I chose to get the crossfire 6950s. I have now tested the cards in most of the new games that I have, and I can say this: these cards are incredible. I can max out any game that I've tried at 1920x1080 at well over 60fps. (I know the next question... no, I haven't tested crysis yet. :P). If you guys want, I could do some benchmarking of the system in a couple of weeks (after my college exams are over). So far, I couldn't be happier. I just wanted to post this to reassure anybody who is considering getting these cards, but is uneasy due to comments that the drivers will be impossible to set up. I had no trouble getting the drivers setup. Period. The system can run everything at higher than 60fps. Definitely vastly better than the sli gtx 260s I was running before. In fact, I tried playing games with only one of the 6950s and it felt smoother than the sli setup for the 6950s. I'm pretty sure that it's also quieter than the gtx 260s were (I had the fans turned up on the 260s, though). No complaints here. :pt1cable:

My specs:
core i7 930 @ 4.0
6 gigs ddr3 1600
500gb 7200 rpm hdd
crossfire HIS AMD 6950s (stock speeds)
corsair hx1000
Antec 1200
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  1. Unlocking them into HD6970s is the next step.
  2. Unlocking and Overclocking them is you next step...
  3. ^Unless he got the one GBs, in that case another monitor should be considered :P
  4. I have the two gb versions. For now, I really don't see the point of unlocking them though. I get 60fps maxed out in every game I own (I only tested my newer games, but my older ones aren't worth testing for framerates. lol... :)
  5. DO it for the brownie points :roll:
    its not like there's much risk doing it..
  6. Timop said:
    ^Unless he got the one GBs, in that case another monitor should be considered :P

    Supposedly you actually can unlock the 1GB cards.
  7. Thanx for the update.
  8. You should definitely consider getting a multi-monitor set up if you're have those two cards crossfired.
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    I've seen a good bit of folks being very critical of crossfire for driver issues. I understand that there are people out there that will have problems (whether or not it's bad drivers or old drivers on the system, mobo issues, etc is another story). I've had 5850's in crossfire for almost a year and I didn't find it difficult or problematic either. For people out there considering a similar setup to the OP, if there were widespread issues with ATI drivers they would be mentioned somewhere in the roundup of 6950 and 6950 crossfire reviews! All you'll see is kudos for the most excellent scaling (and some fair griping about the noise levels if the cards are back to back). I'd hope that criticism of NVidia gpu's would also be challenged if it wasn't supported by facts or numbers.

    jednx01--BIOS flash those things (use the horsepower you paid for)! What size and resolution monitor are you playing on? What games? Cheers on the excellent setup.
  10. I might end up flashing the Bios. We'll see. I run a 1920x1080 resolution monitor. As for games, that is a pretty long list. For games released recently, I have Mafia 2, Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2, Portal 2 (well, I will have it soon... It hasn't released yet). I have quite a few older games, but that list would be long. I have a youtube video I did showing how the system performed in crysis. I ran the build in crysis benchmark and got 60 frames per second with everything turned all the way up with 8xaa. :)

    Here's the link if you want to see my vid.
  11. There are a few people (mostly fanboys), that like to paint a horror picture on AMD cards. I ignore them personally. Although, I still usually recommend a single card over a dual card setup, unless you are running extremely high resolutions. Not that I am not tempted from time to time :P

    I've tried SLI and Crossfire, and most the time they run great, but not always.
  12. For 1080p I think there's approximately 1 game(Metro 2033) where unlocking the HD6950s is going to make a notable difference.
  13. ^yeah, also it's the game where you see the biggest gain of 2GB over 1GB
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