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Second monitor not working for dual display

I just came from the store after buying a second monitor to dual screening.

I installed an ATI PowerColor 6850 GPU on the Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0 MOBO. The GPU has two DVI slots, I use adapters for both VGA monitors. Both monitors work fine in the first slot (along the plugin confirmation sound). And if I connect any of both monitors to the second slot I won't get anything, nor a signal or confirmation sound.

I also tried auto detecting via Catalyst Control Center and Windows Desktop Resolution. I have the latest drivers installed.

Please help me out!
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  1. Will the second DVI port work for either monitor alone? Are both adapters working properly?
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    Although AMD GPU's comes with 2 x DVI ports, one of them is DVI-D (Digital) and the other is DVI-I (Analog). The DVI-I is the one with 4pins around the flat PIN in the DVI. The 4 PIN is for the analog to which the DVI to VGA adaptor connects.

    So if you put a DVI-VGA adaptor to the DVI-D, there is no 4PIN to which the adaptor will get the analog signal. I wonder how your adaptor fits into the DVI-D because in my experience, the DVI to VGA adaptor have the 4PINs which do not have the holes to go thru in the DVI-D port.
  3. Indeed, luckily my old DELL monitor has a DVI port, so I ended up buying a DVI Male to Male, plugged it on the second DVI port(which as you said is digital only) and worked right away.

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  5. That's great to hear. Enjoy!
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