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Hello, While installing the real talk driver to my satellite L300 Toshiba laptop, I found an error massage "shutdown and plug the real talk PCIE card"
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  1. Presumably the laptop lacks a slot for a PCI-e card or you don't have the RealTalk card.

    I'm afraid you'll have to explain what (or which) Real Talk (this) is because all that comes up on Google is some Hip Hop music or other nonsense, none of which seems to involve PCI-e cards.
  2. I have installed Realtake RTL8102E family PCI-E faster Ethernet NIC. By the way it was properly worked, it is now a strange massage for me ("Shut down and plug the Realtake PCI-E card to complete installation). I have tried everything I know: OS repairing (XP SP2), uninstal and reinstall the driver, I just figure out the problem while I'm trying to use CDMA but now even the LAN doen't work, pls help me how could I could I stay with out internet.

    Thanks Tes
  3. okay, it is Realtek

    It sounds as if you are running the wrong driver -- one for a desktop computer with a PCI-e network adapter.

    Use the drivers supplied by Toshiba either on the CD or by visiting their support site.

    If, in fact though, you are able to install a PCI-e device in your laptop you have not followed the instructions properly. With PCI of any kind you usually install the driver and then shut down the computer and put in the device. You do NOT put in the device first and then run the driver software.
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