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Just bought a bare bones system from circuit city - put together . Power on runs cpu fan, flashes kbd lights once, spins up hd & starts cd flashing - nothing else. Reset button will stop cd drive flashing while held. System will shut down if Power button is held in for about 5 secs. other than that, nothing - no video, no beeps on speaker. Tried pulling memory - makes no difference. Any ideas?
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  1. Thanks - for step 1, the PS 12v connector is 8 pin - the MB is 4 pin. I have it plugged in to the 4 pin connector and the4 unused pins are not contacting anything else on MB. All hardware is brand new and I dont have any standoff/loose wire problems. The speaker is a standalone gizmo that plugs into the mb speaker conn & looks almost like an old capacitor. I haven't tried checking voltages yet on PS but am running video from onboard - no video output at all - no beeps on speaker - runs the same whether memory is installed or not . I'm guessing if must be a doa MB problem. I have cleared cmos. I may check PS voltages in the morning tho. - can also test the speaker on an old mb.
  2. No beeps with the speaker installed with out ram usually is bad board!
  3. thanks - my thinking - can't test on old mb cause it's speaker is built in - the speaker is 5v, right?
  4. Hmm Figured out it was operator error - my fault. I'd bent a few pins on the cpu & seemed to get them straightened out. Hope I didn't do any permanent damage.
    Thanks for the help rolli
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