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ASUS VE247H for 165$ a good choice?

I'm thinking about getting a new computer monitor and I saw this one on directcanada.

Reviews I saw seems to be pretty good and I was wondering if its a good choice for a 1920x1080 gaming computer. If not does anyone have other suggestions for monitors around the same price range!

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    Yeah, it looks great!

    I've had an Asus flat panel for a couple years and it has been great.

    The one you are looking at is a 2ms response time which is exactly what you are looking for on a gaming monitor. 1920x1080 always looks amazing.
    It uses LED backlights and a 10 million - 1 contrast ratio so you will have stellar colors.
    It is also going to be very bright and easy to read.

    Also uses HDMI or DVI for your connection.

    All around a great monitor, go for it!

    The only one I would suggest over this would be a samsung, but you aren't going to find one in that price bracket.

    Good choice :)
  2. Thanks a lot!
  3. No Problem, enjoy!
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