High idle temps i7-965 with liquid cooling.

Hello Tom's Hardware!

I have a problem with my system. :( I just purchased this system on eBay recently. Everything going smoothly regarding overall performance. But there's a problem. The idle and full load temps are really high! Idle's around 50's while Load's around 80's :( I've uploaded the pictures here for reference. The only setting that I changed in the bios is the CPU multiplier which is x29. I'm wondering if the CPU block is the problem or if I should put some new thermal paste. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I doubt it is the block.

    That said, if you set BIOS back to defaults what happens? Does it still run very hot?

    Are there and flow indicators in your loop? anything to make sure that the coolant is being pumped properly? If your pump is starting to go out, it won't be able to push the liquid through properly and will cause temp spikes.

    What is the liquid in the loop? How long has it been in there? Was the computer shipped with the loop intact and filled?
  2. That liquid doesn't look healthy, when has it been flushed last?
  3. Hello again! BIOS defaults only gives me around 40-50 idle temp. :| There is flow of liquid from the radiator going to the CPU then out going to the reservoir. I'm not sure what type of liquid is in the loop but this system was purchased from Digital Storm way back 2009. When the computer was shipped, the loop was still intact and filled.

    I think it hasn't been flushed since the day of purchase since 2009. I have no idea how to flush the liquid in the system. :(
  4. While high 80's aren't unheard of for an i7, you can probably get a definite cooling boost by cleaning out the loop. This should cover everything for cleanign it out

  5. Also I can't see a fan on the radiator, does it only feature one fan pulling air? I don't think that's the best solution. Or does it blow air into the case?
  6. That one *should* be pulling air through and putting it out the top. If you put your hand over it does it feel like it is putting air through?

    Assuming it will clear your RAM, you could add another fan for a push / pull setup that will help out too.
  7. Hello! As a noob, I'm not quite sure how to safely remove all the components. :( I'll seek help if ever to remove the liquid components. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of liquid is ideal in this system? Or is it advisable to switch to the Corsair liquid cooling series like H70 or H60?

    About the fan on the radiator, I think there's only one fan pulling the air. I think the 3rd picture on top is the fan.
  8. I'd go for a push-pull config too.
  9. Hello! When I put my hand on the radiator, I think there's no air being put through. How is the radiator powered btw. Sorry, I'm a noob regarding this. :(
  10. The liquid ideal for this kind of system is water :P Of the distilled kind, usage of additives is debatable. I use anti-algae.
  11. I see. Do you think it's advisable to replace the entire liquid that's in the system?
  12. Make sure the fan above the radiator (between it and the case) is spinning. If it is not, this is where your problem is coming from.
  13. Hello. Right now, it's spinning. I'm thinking if I should replace the liquid in the system or replace the thermal paste in the CPU block and the CPU itself. What's the best thing to do?
  14. I would replace the Thermal paste, and put a second fan on the radiator.
  15. I'd do all of the above. When you buy a used car you do basic maintenance. This is not so different.
  16. Try feel the radiator with your fingers - is it hot to the touch or cold ? - if hot you have np with your thermal-paste on your waterblock. Another thing how hot is your case inside ? - you cool the radiator with hot air :) - if case temp is 40 degrees C. lowest watertemp will be 40 - if you can somehow pull cold air from room - which is let´s say 23 degrees C. lowest temp on water now possible to be 23 degrees...
  17. Okay I'll start to diagnose the problem one by one.

    Should I touch the radiator from the bottom or the top? If bottom, it's not that hot, if on top, I can feel the fan spinning. It's not that hot inside the case. I'll add another info, this computer was purchased from the USA and shipped to the Philippines. Since it's a tropical climate here, it's quite hot. How can I pull cold air from outside going inside?
  18. What is the temp of the room?
  19. Around 30C.
  20. How many fans you have in your case ? And what size and what direction do they pull?? - and do you have something to measure the temp inside your case?
  21. Since this machine was bought in Digital Storm, I think the direction is correct. Unfortunately, I don't have any instrument in measuring the temp inside. As of now, there are 3 fans. One on the radiator, one on the back part of the case (near the CPU) and lastly the one near the GPU's as you can see on the pics. Based on my ruler, it's 4 inches. The fan on the CPU side is pulling the hot air outside the vents. The one near the GPU is pulling the air inside the case. Lastly the radiator is pulling the air inside the radiator.
  22. Hello again! Could you check the position of the CPU Block in the pictures above. Should I turn the block 180 degrees? Maybe there's a lot of heat because the flow is not correct.
  23. I purchased an i7-965 off of ebay as and am suffering from the high idle temps as well, but my max temp isn't getting as high as yours. I also own a i7-960 and know that it manages to stay cooler @ 4ghz since it is D0 stepping where as the i7-965 always remained C0 (this is the Revision shown in your Core Temp). Plain and simple, for a stable overclock it requires more voltage. Check your bios and make sure the cpu voltage isn't set to auto, because if it is, it will overvolt the CPU causing excess heat in your max temps. I have my system clocked at 3.7ghz with a H70 cooler, which is a horrible liquid-cooling system compared to what you have, and my max temps are at about 72 C. So you should be getting much cooler temps and can actually enjoy its unlocked multiplier since you have a legitimate liquid-cooling system.

    So go in your bios and check your voltages.
  24. Hello again! My voltage in the bios at the moment is set at 1.28-ish. But the VDroop is currently turned off. Are you pertaining to the Corsair H70 cooler? I thought that cooler is a good one. Sorry for being a noob again, but I don't know how to flush the liquid in this particular model. And I don't know where to get the correct type of coolant.
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