1st Build: Final Draft

So I have been typing to create this thread for about 45mins and am really angry. I was half way through and accidentally clicked an add deleting my progress. The second time I was almost done and hit back so without spending too much time like I did previously, I will get on with it. So I want to make a computer. I only need the case, mobo, cpu, psu, gpu, memory. Everything else I have, HDD's and an SSD, drives cables etc. I have filled my cart on to calculate the price. My budget is $1200 with tax and shipping, about $1000 in parts.

Coolermaster HAF 932

MSI P67A-G43 (B3)

Intel i5 2500

Raidmax RX-850AE

G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb 1333

XFX Dual Fan 6950 2gb'

With that down I can begin with the questions,

1. I want to exchange the 230mm fan with 4 120mm red LED fans. I was wondering if this will increase airflow.

2.I have never OCed a CPU, so is it worth the trouble and $10 for the unlocked i5?

3.If I get another 6950 down the road, would the 850W PSU handle the load?

4.Is there anyway to make this build better?

5.Is there an auto-save feature on tom's hardware?
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    1. if you want to know if it will increase airflow just look at the CFM for each fan (the four smaller ones will make more noise for sure though)
    2. Yes, it has the unlocked multiplier so a reasonable overclock is very simple and it will pay for itself as programs become more demanding in the future.
    3. A quality 850watt would suffice but a raidmax would have me worried
    4. There are always ways to make a build better (just increase the budget) check out to save on some shipping cost
    5. I dunno about this sorry
  2. The 4 fans would almost triple the amount of airflow. But if I got the unlocked i5, would I need a cooler? The Raidmax ratings are 5 stars, there are only a few in that range of price. How is XFX, Coolmax, Azza or Rosewill?

    Edit: I will get another 6950 and probably more ram maybe even an i7, so will 850W still be o.k?
  3. 850W should be enough. I always hear that Corsair power supplies are really good. I use OCZ, and that has been pretty good as well.

    If you are looking to overclock, you should consider getting an aftermarket HSF. If you're close to your budget and want a cheap HSF, consider reading this article:,2788.html
  4. I took the 4 fans from the budget and got a corsair 850W PSU and the 2500k. My next purchase with upgrades should include 4 fans another 6950 and a CM 212+ CPU cooler. The first shipment should cost $1175 and the second $400. Are there programs the OC my CPU by itself? What about OCing my GPU? One last question though, is it easy to connect 4 fans?
  5. Overclocking the CPU is done in the BIOS. The GPU overclocking is done with software you install for the drivers. As for connecting fans, I am not sure.
  6. Perhaps you should look through this thread with all the best $1000 intel rigs hand picked by lots of toms hardware members. Keep in mind some are better than others:

    Others power supplies to look at are corsair, seasonic, silverstone, antec, and xfx. The raidmax is a bit suspicious since it isn't even in the same pricing scheme as all the other 80+ gold >800watt power supplies.
  7. I had seen an XFX 850W 80+ bronze PSU for $130, any good? I was watching some videos on youtube and came across this cool looking fan control for a 5.25" bay. What would that be called, so I can look it up on newegg or other similar things.
  8. I would wait until a website publishes a full review with testing results before buying that raidmax PSU. All I could currently find are several more threads trying to determine if it was any good.
  9. I am not going to wait, but as I said before I will take the $30 spent on fans and spend it on a Corsair PSU. Thank you very much for all the help, I will purchase these parts before the month is through.
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  11. Good luck with your build be sure to post up some pictures in the toms hardware member system gallery:

    And just remember that prices change constantly so be sure you are getting the best deals you can get at the time of purchase. If you haven't ever ordered from newegg you can use promo code newcustomer10 to save a cool ten dollars (or you could just set up an account for a wife or girlfriend so you could use the promo)

    One more thing and this is just my personal opinion: I would put less money into the case and more into the M/B. But like I said this is just the way I do things and how you do your build should be totally up to you!
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