Crossfire + addition non-crossfired card. (Monitor and performance)

Hello. Can anyone tell me if you can have two hd 4890's running crossfired with 2 monitors connected to one of the cards and have an addition graphics card (any card) that is not crossfired and have one monitor connected to this one to have a total of 3 monitors with images. ( 2 from crossfired cards + 1 from additional graphics cards)

Thank you for the help. If you have any questions on what I'm trying to ask, please ask for me to clarify.
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  1. Interesting question. I would think its possible but this is interesting... I am waiting to see what others say
  2. Yea. My guess is that it would work without hampering performance since it's not included in the crossfire setup. It would be cool to just have that third graphics card in there for that 3rd monitor, it shouldn't require that much power.
  3. Still no answer, if anyone has even an idea please comment.
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