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Which motherboard to get? choices choices choices

Hi guys, recently decided to replace my motherboard and CPU for gaming; definitely getting a i5 2500k but currently debating which motherboard to get. My current hardware are as follows;

RAM:2GBx4=8GB Gskill Ram [Latency 7]
GPU:MSI 6850 1GB
PSU:750W Corsair Enthusiast Series
Case:Antec P280
HDD: Western Digital Black 750GB

Budget:$100-150ish [Unsure what I need]
*Please keep in mind I'm more focused on what I need than want; I don't mind getting a cheaper motherboard with less features if it's a solid buy; i.e good hardware quality.
I will be overclocking the CPU to 3.7Ghz max; I know ppl have gotten it to 4.0Ghz stable on air but I would prefer to keep it within safe limitations with my OCing skills considered.
*Will be upgrading my GPU during xmas time, still a long way to go.

Currently debating between:
Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3


MSI Z77A-G43

Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H

There is a open box Asus Maximus with a missing I/O shield at my local store that's giving a 10% discount or a free 1 year in-store exchange for $169.99+tax before the $30 rebate.
I have called Asus inadvance to confirm that if I do buy the mobo, they can mail me a I/O shield for free.
Currently unsure if I should invest the extra money into the Asus motherboard or save my money and go with the MUCH cheaper yet solid MSI motherboard.
Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
I live in Canada so I do prefer to buy my hardware from;


Edit: Added gigabyte Motherboard that poped up on CC's weekend sale :D
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    I go for the MSI. :) Never had any trouble with those MSI motherboards.
    And the Gigabyte is an FM1 motherboard (or perhaps you pasted the wrong link) so drop it from your list. :)
  2. Id go with msi as well . cheaper at the same time too
  3. I think it's pretty much a matter of taste if it was me i go with the Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 all of them are good but i am partial to i would suggest that Asus board. ;)
  4. ^Agree. It is matter of personal preference. Some like Red & some like Blue.

    But I personally find the 2 PCIe slot on the ASUS a little too close to each other whereas the MSI offer a little more gap should one go for CF later on.
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  6. Got the MSI board; which has UI in the bios... my initial reaction was "WTH is this witchcraft!?!?!?" LOL

    Thanks again for all who replied

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