HP nx7000 and ATI display problem.


i have a HP nx7000 laptop which comes with mobility radeon 9200 graphics card and i use samsung syncmaster 226bw monitor. Before i used win XP and everything was working fine. I could have set up
the resolution to 1680x1050 without a problem.
A few weeks ago i installed windows 7 ... and than my problem started. If i use laptops monitor i can set the resolution to 1680x1050, however if i connect my samsung lcd on it and set resolution to 1680x1050, the deskot changes to that resolution, but on the monitor i still have like 1280x1024 and i can sroll around my desktop ... it is 1680x1050, but its to big on monitor, couse monitor is showing a picture of 1280x1024.

i have tried everything. downloading differend drivers and in one point i finaly manage to display a 1680x1050 on external monitor as well ... but that driver killed my display on notebook! if i used the notebook lcd all i saw was different vertical lines flashing ...

Right now, i have drivers for XP installed as SP3 from original site for my graphics card and it does what i said above ... Nothing works.

Any help is welcome!

Best regards,
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  1. Still trying to solve this ... Please i dont want to install XP again on my computer ...

    Thank you!
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