Is My system balanced? should I upgrade?!

Hi Guys my question is if my system still good or should I start upgrading.
here are the specs.

cpu- intel core i7 930 @ 3.8ghz
mothermoard evga 3x sli x58
graphics- evga 460 1gb
ram- corsair ddr3 triple channel @ 1600mhz
PSU- corsair hx 850 watts
case - nzxt phantom
hardrive 2terabyte WD caviar black
combo drive blu-ray
monitors- 3 samsung syncmasters 26 inch 1920 x 1200
generic multimedia card reader

It lags alot with games when playing games in all three screens is my cpu too slow?? please help thanks!
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  1. If anything you could do with a new GPU! Another GTX460 for SLI or a single more powerful one! An I7 @3.8GHz is not a slow CPU!
  2. ok cool thanks so should I just get another 460 or should I do different setup?
  3. It is up to you! 2 x GTX460 1GB in SLI rivals the GTX580
  4. ok see the game I play the most is Tom clancys hawx and man let me tell you, either this graphics card or the cpu is on its knees!!! I get like 5-10 frames per second!!! I honeslty thought this 460 would do the job guess not! and I also want to be able to turn up the settings to the max so what if I did 2 580's in sli? could my system handle? or better said my PSU?
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  6. Your PSU could handle it, yes. The 6900 series is a better deal around that performance point; 2x6950 will max most games on the market today. I think 2x460 would max HAWX.
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