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What motherboard for me?

Hi all
Re-building computer with four new parts;
PSU Antec Neo Eco 520W
GPU Radeon 7850 (yet to decide which, probably the Sapphire OC or MSI OC)
CPU i5 3550

I have all the other parts - 4GB RAM (I may consider upgrading but I'm not too fussed) and a 500gb HDD (more than enough for me). And I have a case that will fit everything.
This leaves me to choose a motherboard, something I'm not too sure about. I'm not too fussy about features, though I suppose USB 3.0 would be nice. And as you can probably tell from my cpu choice, I'm not too interested in overclocking. Thus I'm open to suggestions! I'll be buying from the pccasegear website (I live in Australia), so don't be surprised if the prices are higher than what they would be in America. Thanks!
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    If neither overclocking nor Crossfire/SLI are needed get a motherboard with a H77 chipset. Something like this
    Or go with other brands for brand preference or cheaper prices
  2. Thanks, looks like thats everything I need. I shall purchase soon.
  3. Also, take a look at this CPU.

    Well worth with just little extra money, u could have 30% more power.
  4. Also, if u are buying the windows too, make sure its x64bit version,

    W7 home premium will do.

    x64bit windows will allow u to use more than 4GB of the RAM.

    4GB is OK, but 8GB is much better, as it will run smoother.
  5. And for the mobo, I would get the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard,

    it is great board for the money, and it overclock your CPU well : )
  6. nikorr said:
    Also, take a look at this CPU.

    Well worth with just little extra money, u could have 30% more power.

    Hi Nikorr
    I've spent a lot of time considering what to get and I'm happy with my choice. I don't need to overclock; quite frankly my cpu choice is fine for all my purposes, the most taxing being playing games. My computer could be more powerful but I wouldn't use it. And I don't want to spent an extra $50-60.

    Thanks anyway
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