Building first ever PC-Advise my build

Mobo.................: ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Intel Z68 LGA1155
CPU...................: Intel Core i5-2500K Processor (3.3GHz/6m Cache)
Ram..................: G.Skill Ripjaws-X F3-12800CL7D-4GBXM 1600MHz DDR3 4GB Kit
HD.....................: WDC Caviar Blue SATA-6G 1TB 32 MB Hard Disk
CPU Cooler.......: Cooler Master RR-B10-212P-GP Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler
Case..................: Cooler Master RC-430 Elite 430

Already have
PSU.......:Seasonic S12II 620W Less than a month old so I think it should be fine for the new build.
VGA.......: Will be using my current HD 5670 or maybe the IGP as I think my video card might be on its last legs, hope not but worst case scenario will be me ending up having to use the 2500k IGP till I get a better VGA. Dont really have anything I want to use a shiny new VGA on except for Skyrim so I think I can hold out for now.

Other stuff like SSDs will have to wait for now, although they are tempting(thx to youtube demos) I really dont need them for now.

A few things I want to be sure about:

1. How is this build in terms of future proofing? I dont want to end up with putting off upgrading for years anymore, Im hoping this build will let me add upgrades wen I want either by OCing or new parts or both.

2. Will the whole thing fit in the casing? Originally I chose the Sabertooth P67 mobo but decided to go with Asrock one instead. I researched for casing that would be clear for the Sabertooth and the Hyper 212 so I think this should be fine for the current mobo right?

3. How is the cooling on this build? I know its nothing hardcore but in the last few years I have become paranoid about overall PC cooling so I want to make sure I dont run this thing too hot. Im also getting additional 120mm casing fans and will install them if I have the space. If there are other cooling options that I should consider than pls let me know.

I guess thats all the things I can think of now, pls look it over and tell me what you guys think. Cheers.
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  1. Looks like a nice build as future proof as they get if we can call anything future proof in the computer industry (has all the new tech).
    It should fit the case fine.
    With a good CPU cooler and a reasonably ventilated case cooling should be fine.
  2. Thx rolli for the reply. Also I have another question with building a PC in general.

    What should I be weary off seeing as this will be my first ever build? Im worried I will take care of the major stuff and then get blind sided by one tiny detail that screws up my build. I watched the Newegg youtube vid on building your own PC last night and it was pretty informative, also read up on other places about PC building so Im somewhat confident. Also I will have this current PC around so I can have a side by side guide as I build up the new PC until I swap the GPU. My honest to god worry is I will end up not able to install the wiring for the fans or some other little bitty thing that prevents the build from being perfect.
  3. With a good guide it should not go wrong, our guides here are useful as well
    Then if you run into problems you can always post back and usually somebody knowledgeable will respond promptly!
  4. Everything there looks fantastic, but you are seriously limiting your potential by not getting a boot SSD. With that processor, ram, and motherboard, an SSD is really the only type of HDD that can keep up. Your PC can only go as fast as the slowest part (for the most part). I understand SSDs arent cheap, but grab a 64gb for $130 as your boot drive and have a 750 or 1tb as your storage. I literally guarantee you wont regret it.
  5. Thx for the guide rolli, will look it up before building the PC.

    Yes I agree, not getting a SSD is gonna limit me but unfortunately this build is already reaching 1k for me. If I could I would try to reduce the price by getting some cheaper components but Im not willing to do that and quite frankly besides the CPU and Mobo, the rest of the parts are the cheapest I could find while not sacrificing on reliability/performance.

    Good news though is the 1k estimate is what I came up with after comparing prices on 2 local online retailers so I havent gone bargain hunting yet. After abit of searching Im sure I could bring the price down and maybe get one but for now this build is sans SSD for the time being. Frankly, with the PC I've been using currently, this new build will blow it out of the water so that will probably ease the pain of not getting a SSD. This is what you call "being caught between a rock and a hard place" I think...

    Btw what about those seagate hybrid drives, the Momentus? Seems like it has almost 3 times the capacity but almost equal or less in price. If the reactions are positive then it is something I could break my budget for as opposed to a standard SSD.
  6. My friend has a Seagate Momentus XT, they are regular hard drives but with a section of Flash Memory where your 'most used' applications/games are supposed to be stored. He likes it, and says its definitely faster than his old hard drive, but it still doesnt come close to a real SSD.

    But still not a terrible choice.
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