Can you hook a cpu to a lap top?

I have a cpu with info that I need but I do not have a monitpr or key board. I have a lap top tat I use now. Get I hook my CPU to my lap top and transfer info? Please help!
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  1. You mean "Can you hook a PC to a Laptop"?

    A cpu is a 1inch x 1inch piece of silicon that sits on your motherboard inside your computer. It usually has a fan on it. You cannot hook it to anything and it does not contain any information in it.

    Why not burn your inportant data on your PC to a dvd and then install it on your laptop.
  2. What you can do is remove the HDD from your "CPU" ( he means PC) get or borrow a external SATA/PATA to USB Casing, they are very cheap, depending on your HDD if it's a SATA or a PATA one and connect it to your laptop using the External Casing and the USB connector provided and recover/retrieve the data that you want from your PC to your Laptop. And then you can burn it to any medium you want to.
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