Asus Gtx 460 Top Vs Msi Gtx 260 Oc Edition

hey guys and girls :hello:

Here is my Prob

I got a Asus Gtx 460 DirectCU Top/2DI/768M
when i play black ops it drops my fps to 30 allot of the time yet on 3d Mark Vantage gpu score is 12743

Now when i pt my Msi Gtx 260 extream oc edition back my fps does not drop below 60 Fps yet on 3D Mark Vantage it only scores 9225

The Asus card is 768 Meg gddr 5 192 Bit And the Msi is 896 Meg gddr 3 448 Bit

What would be better to stay on the 260 or 460 and y

Thx in advance :D
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  1. what's more important for you, performance or image quality? 260 is stronger due to larger bandwidth, a lot larger, but it doesn't have DX11, what 3D Mark did you use?
  2. hey i used 3d mark vantage build 1.0.2
  3. i would have to say performance is more for me as i am a avid gamer
  4. 260 is stronger than 768MB 460, but probably worse than 1GB
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