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Hi there,

So i purchased a gtx480 sOC from gigabyte to replace my ageing 9800GTX's when the card arrived i unpacked, uninstalled my current drivers, shut off the system and removed the old pair of cards. I installed the new card and restarted, installed the latest Nvidia drivers and restarted again to compete the install. Computer posted and got as far as the loading windows. It took a lot longer than usual but it eventually reached the start screen. Logged in and installed crysis 2. Ramped everythin to max and was enjoying the game for about an hour. Then the game crashed after artifacts appeared on the screen.

I thought this was unusual so i ran the stalker call of pripyat bench at max. It only got to the first run when the display suddenly turned off. When i tried to restart the computer i got the beep error from my board indicating display failure. So i ran in safe mode and reinstalled nvidia drivers and replaced card with an older 9800. computer booted fine with no problems.

So i removed card and put back th3 480. this time it worked. Card displayed no issues for about 5 hours then same problem happend again, was playing crysis then game locked up and screen went black. Assuming card was dead i sent for RMA to overclockers who returned the card saying they had ran every benchmark going including the heaven benchmark for 24 hours and no problem was found.

Reinstalled card into the system and same thing happend yet again. Only difference is this time i managed to catch a blue screen before it went into reboot again. The error code was " NVLDDMKM.SYS"

i looked up this error and it seems to be an nvidia error but the card is reported as working and it did work originally on the system and has been confirmed working by seller. I really dont know what to do now and id really like some help in getting this card working. It does seem to be my system that may be the problem so here are my specs:

asus P5ND motherboard socket 775
Q9300 cpu @ 2.5 GHz
4GB ocz Gold 1066mhz ram.
gigabyte GTX480 Soc
hiper 880wat psu
western digital 500GB main drive

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
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  1. Can anyone help?
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  3. right so its fixed itself apparently. I removed my sound card and it started up properly. Cant explain why. Sound card is a xonar d2 7.1 card. Dosent appear to have any problems, runnign prime 95 and everyhting stable so far. Anyone got any ideas as to why a sound card could possibly be the cause of a bsod?
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