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I have an office LAN with 5 users connected to my windows server. Due to HDD crash I had to replace one pc. How do I add it to the server. Now has no access. Oh, it's wireless using linksys N type router. Thanks....jb
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  1. Is the computer on the network at all, does it get an IP from the router?

    Is your network a domain setup or just a Workgroup?

    If it's a domain you must have setup the other computers on the domain, easy to do again. Right-click on My Computer, go to Properties, click on the Computer Name tab. Click on the "Change" button where it says "To rename this computer or joing a domain", type in your domain name. It will ask for a user accunt with rights to add new computers to the domain, put that username and password in. Click Next, OK, etc..., the PC will reboot and you are on the domain. You will see your domain name in the dropdown list now.
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