High Density modules on a Asus P5Q3 Deluxe Wi-Fi AP?

This board will not POST for me. I have narrowed it down to a possible memory compatibility issue. I have a pair of 8 GB Geil DDR3 modules. I tested them out on a friend's AMD board and they showed up first boot, all 16 GB and stood up to stress testing.

In Asus's manual it claims compatibility with only up to 4 GB per slot, however most of the BIOS updates list "compatibility with some types of memory" under changes.

According to Intel's datasheet on the P45 chipset:

• Supports 512-Mb, 1-Gb, 2-Gb DDR2 and 512-Mb, 1-Gb DDR3 DRAM technologies
for x8 and x16 devices.
• Using 512 Mb device technologies, the smallest memory capacity possible is
256 MB, assuming Single Channel Mode with a single x16 single sided un-buffered
non-ECC DIMM memory configuration.
• Using 2 Gb device technologies, the largest memory capacity possible is 16 GB,
assuming Dual Channel Mode with four x8 double sided un-buffered non-ECC or
ECC DIMM memory configurations.
NOTE: The ability to support greater than the largest memory capacity is subject to
availability of higher density memory devices.

On my modules I see what I presume are 8x1GB ICs,so theoretically there should be no issue.

My question is has anyone gotten >4GB modules to work on this board with the latest BIOS? (v2105)
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