CPU_LED, possible Mobo issue

Hello everybody. I have recently come a across a problem that I have been unable to solve. When I boot up my PC, the CPU and RAM LEDs come on, and I cannot POST. I have not been overclocking. I have a water-cooled i7 960 on a Asus Sabertooth X58. My PC worked perfectly yesterday, and I cannot understand why this happened. Did my CPU suddenly die? I have tried reseating memory and clearing my CMOS. Can anybody help me? BTW, I really don't want to RMA my CPU, but if I have to, can anybody tell me how exactly to RMA it. I bought this custom system from iBuyPower.

I have tried to do some research an have heard that the mobo is the issue a lot times.
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  1. If both the CPU and RAM go bad at the same time its usually the thing that touches them both, the motherboard.

    Unless you can borrow a 1366 processor and some different RAM or a motherboard by itself from someone else to test with, there isn't much else you can do to narrow the problem down.

    You could take your stuff and put it in somebody else's computer, that would work too if that is an option.
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