Computer boots but nothing on the screen

Hello, i'm sorry if there is another thread, but i searched for days and found nothing simmilar. (and sorry the english too)
I have a laptop, Sony Vaio VGN-NR31Z that one beautifull day gives up of showing me anything.
I know that it boots, because i saw the lights of caps, scroll, and num turns on and off, and seconds after i hear the windows sound booting.
I tried this already:
- removed battery and press the power button for about 2mn (i don't know if it is the procedure to this laptop to hard reset)--- nothing;
- I replaced the screen---- nothing;
- I take off all components---- nothing;
- I pluged in another screen---- nothing;
- I tested this screen (sony vaio screen) in another laptop and works fine;

I don't know more I can do.
And the laptop enters windows 7 ultimate, after all this procedures, but i get nothing from this or another screen.

Thaks for any help
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  1. Sounds like the lappy is fried. If it's in warranty contact Sony. Otherwise, start looking for a new laptop. Laptops can't be modified or have there components replaced like desktops can. If the gpu or another component fails it's uasually death to the laptop.

    At least these are the options I see.
  2. Some laptops do have video cards you can change.

    Unfortunately, after pulling up an NR31E/S ( Closest thing I could find to a Z ), this is not one of those units.

    This is a Fix Or Replace issue.

    That is of course if you have tried the function key for changing between using the Laptop Screen Only, the VGA port Only or Both.

    You did try that right?
  3. Hello, yes i did those steps, fn+f4 but it is not necessary, as long as change hardware its a common laptop, only RAM's and HDD's are changeable. Thank for yours feedback. I think of another problem... IS this like some HP's that came with a BGA problem? like some videos I watched on youtube? I already fixed one HP DV6*** by giving some heat in the GPU. But i think this is different, because the HP didn't boot up, and this Sony boots and I hear the windows sounds....
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