Find me a good gaming rig $1000

Alright guys, here is the thing.
I am 16 years old and I really wanted a gaming computer ever since my best friend introduced me to Guild Wars. This was around 2 years or so. I asked my parents to buy me a computer back then but they said that I was to young for such a computer and that I would be spending lots of time with school work as I would be entering High school. But now I am 16 and I saved up my own money ($1053 exactly :D). Now since its summer vacation, I think it would be the best time to buy one.

I have been doing research and I am totally confused. I want a good system that can play games on fairly high graphics.
I am confused because I do not know if I should get an Intel or AMD processor. What graphics card.

If anyone can please suggest a good build for around that price, that would be great!
Any suggestions can help

By the way, it would be best if you guys find me an already built computer or where I can get it built. I am only 16 and I don't think I would be able to handle putting one together.
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  1. Hey mate. Hehe, yea. I remember when I entered the world of GW for the first time... Good times ^^

    Sinds you are saying you got a thousend $, im guessing you live in America ? Well, most people around here get there parts from sites like

    Im not sure if they build pc's though. On the other hand, I was 16 (2 years ago) when I build my own pc and it wasn't hard at all. Just followed the steps in the manuals xD

    To start with, I would certainly go for an intal based pc. Most gamers around here use intel, and I get the feeling that that will be the best way to go.

    -> intel i5-2500 processer will be nice
    -> As for a GPU, it depens on wheter you prefer going ati or Nvidea =/

    + Take a look around the forum, lots and LOTS of people are building pc's here around your budget. Might get some good ideas ^^
  2. No, my parents said that they will buy the monitor for me. They just told me that they were so proud that I was able to save up $1000 (you know being a teenager is not easy :D)
    And well I wanted to know if Amd CPU's are better than Intels. I have been researching a lot, and I have noticed now that many say that AMD are for gaming. Before, I thought Intel was the best by far, while AMD was just a runner up.
    When my laptop broke down, 2 weeks ago, a technician came and fixed it. I asked him about computers and which I should get and he said that this one was perfect :

    It looks alright, but I am worried about the graphics card in it. I read some reviews on it and everyone seems to say that the frame rate on most games is low with this card. And I will be doing some serious online gaming.

    I am so afraid of building it alone! Maybe I can find someone to build it for me...
  3. AMDs a good if you have a limited budget, below ~$150, AMDs offer great value. However, with $1000 for a system, Intel offers better performance that AMDs cant match for now.

    That dell is as generic as it could be, and a really mediocre gaming computer. Even the computer above without the monitor + OS would be better at gaming than that dell for $200 less.
  4. Are you serious? See, I had a feeling that the dell was to good to be true. Haha. The build above is a solid one, but I am just afraid of putting it together.
    I have heard of websites that you chose what parts you want, and they put it together for you. I was looking at ibuypower and cyberpower and for some reason they look like they cannot be trusted.
    If only I knew how to build computers. Maybe I should buy all of the parts, and then get someone to put it together for me? I do not know. Any suggestions?
  5. The dell is actually nice, just not for you.

    Cyberpower and ibuypower isn't bad, just you'll end up paying ~$100+ for assembly.
    Heres a ~$1000 build on cyberpower:
    Only costs a little under $900 if you buy the part separately, plus you get more flexibility.
  6. Heres a great step-by-step guide to PC building too:
    I think I will buy from newegg just to stay safe.
    Tell me what you think. You think this gaming rig is alright?
    I will post more links on this page for you to see. All from newegg which I think are alright.
    Just please do keep coming back :D Looks as if you are the one helping me chose my first gaming rig. Thanks man.
  8. I realized why that computer was worse than the dell. I gave you the link to the wrong one.
    Anyway, I have found a couple of good computers at my price range at
    Problem is now I cannot decide which to buy, unless I should buy none.

    I will just give you some links to the computers that I have found worth noting and maybe even buying one. If you think that they are all trashy just tell me so I don't buy one of them! lol

    Anyway here is the list : [...] 6883229218 [...] 6883229221 [...] 6883229227 [...] 6883227359 [...] 6883227323 [...] 6883229217

    if these computers are any good, which one do you think would be best for me? Please do help me out. Took me a while to figure out which ones might actually be good.
    And yes, many do have Amd CPUs. It looks as if newegg sells more of amd.
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