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Windows Will not boot after Clr CMOS

Accidentally hit the "Clr CMOS" button while computer was running. The computer went to a black screen and told me to press f2 to load setup. I tried to reboot after this and it gets to windows loading screen but before the logo appears, it quits and tells me that it failed to load windows. Tried using the repair setup utility but it did not work. This is a new computer with asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo Any help would be very appreciated.
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  1. Try going into the BIOS and seeing if the boot drive is listed as IDE, if it is then try changing it to AHCI and see if that makes a difference.

    Otherwise, think about reloading windows and using the computer with the side on.
  2. The boot drive is listed as AHCI. Do you mean reformat? The clr cmos button is right next to the usb port on the back of the computer so it wasn't while the case was open if that's what you mean.
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    If the boot drive is AHCI try changing it to IDE.

    If that doesn't work, you may really need to reformat.

    - Edit - If it is a SSD, it might not hurt to try RAID too.
  4. I've read that you can take out hte battery in the motherboard.. is this something I should try?
  5. That does basically the same thing as what you did with the button.

    I doubt it will help, but yes you can easily take the battery out with something like a screw driver by pressing the metal plate toward the wall of the enclosure.

    Wait for 30 min and put it back in.

    I don't have much hope of it doing anything, but it wouldn't hurt either.

    All that does is make the computer rebuild its hardware configuration file that tells the computer which devices are connected to the motherboard.

    It fixes some things, but not many.
  6. setting it to ide worked like a charm. Thanks so much
  7. NP, glad its working. Please mark the thread solved so others having the same problem will see that its solved and if they have the same problem they will look in here and see the fix.
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