AMD Beats the Pants off the i7-980X

Looks like some charts are out.

Now this is just getting to be too much for me to take.

For those who don't want to go there and read here is the direct quote:

"AMD FX 8150 Looks Core i7-980X and Core i7 2600K in the Eye: AMD Benchmarks
The bets are off, it looks like Intel is in for a price-performance shock with AMD's Bulldozer, after all. In the press deck of AMD FX Processor series leaked by DonanimHaber ahead of its launch, AMD claims huge performance leads over Intel. To sum it up, AMD claims that its AMD FX 8150 processor is looking Intel's Core i7-980X in the eye in game tests, even edging past it in some DirectX 11 titles.

It is performing on par with the Core i7-2600K in several popular CPU benchmarks such as WinRAR 4, X.264 pass 2, Handbrake, 7Zip, POV Ray 3.7, ABBYY OCR, wPrime 32M, and Bibble 5.0. AMD FX 8150 is claimed to be genuinely benefiting from the FMA4 instruction set that Sandy Bridge lacks, in the OCL Performance Mandelbrot test, the FX 8150 outperforms the i7-2600K by as much as 70%. Lastly, the pricing of the FX 8150 is confirmed to be around the $250 mark. Given this, and the fact that the Core i7-2600K is priced about $70 higher, Intel is in for a price-performance shock."

Source : Techpowerup Credited to DonanimHaber

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  1. I promised I wouldn't comment. But I can say that the FMA results are where I thought they would be.
  2. Sky High? Out of the Roof?
  3. Looks like someone had fun with photoshop.

    Until we see real benchmark runs from real people i take all this with a big grain of salt. The only source out there with benchmarks is a random turkish site, its not even the standard chinese informants, and it certainly isnt affiliated with AMD enough to get real benchmarks.
  4. Soon we will all know then the pissfests can continue... ;)
  5. Pure FUD.

    Funny those are pretty much the same (and only) benchmarks the X6 win's when it was compared to the i7-920.

    Fact is, it doesn't have to beat Intel to sell. It just has to be decent and priced right. I mean the cpu's available today are already overkill for gamers, unless they are running 3 or more high end video cards, you don't need anything more than PII X4 at 4ghz.
  6. What's the point of comparing it to the 980X? Surely the 2500k is its main rival considering the price point? I'll wait for a full review before I judge though.

    lol i hope this is cheap, i dunno if i am allowed to upgrade from my 955 to another better processor, but it would be awesome if i could have that processor, my mouth is watering like a pigs shithole....
  8. OK, Someone just went and reposted this at the Bulldozer Rumors Section..... NO FAIR.
  9. i dont know why but something doesn't seam right with these leak benches. Although i cant point my finger where the fault is at...

    Like the others have said, take it with a grain of salt for now.
  10. I think I messed up and should have actually posted this right from the start in the Bulldozer Rumor Section. I think I need Mousemonkey to move this there since now it's getting all controversial with a new post

    Why is all so close yet too far....... I'm running out of salt too.....
  11. Ah... dirt3 yes... but other benchmark i don't know....

    Because true of CPU benchmark from my exp.

    GOD benchmark INTEL but suck at real software.
    Suck benchmark AMD but great at real software.

    lol have nice day
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