Help with my build please. :)

Hi. I am attempting to build my first PC from scratch and I would appreciate some help. :) My parts are as follows they will be arriving early next week. Asus Deluxe z68 motherboard,I7 2600 K, 12 Gigs vengence 2000 mhz 10-10-10-27 RAM,Ultra carbon cpu cooler,LG 12x blu ray burner, 1 TB HDD and a OCZ 120GB SOLID 3 SERIES SATA 3 solid state drive,EVGA GTX 580,Rocket Fish 900 Watt 80 silver PSU and finally it is going into a Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Black Case.Will my PSU be enough? and will I go insane trying to put it together??? :/
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  1. the OEM for that unit is huntkey (more of a mediocre PSU builder)

    I doubt it can actually deliver 900w other then at peak (and at cool temps) but if you are only using one GTX580, you will be fine.

    i would simply state, if you have not purchased the PSU then get a quality 600w-700w unit with 50a on its 12v rail for the same price (corsair tx650v2, seasonic 620w, antec TPN 650w, etc.,). if you already own the PSU then you will be fine with a single GTX580 set up.

    building a PC is fairly easy, plenty of how to articles on Toms and videos on the web
  2. Can you recommend a 1200 watt PSU becasuse when the (690's) come out :0 eventually I want to be able to SLI then. But i'm happy with one 580 for now and yup I already own the PSU I bought it for my hp-elite 150-f at the same time I purchased the 580. Besides the PSU (I paid 179.00 at future shop 5 months ago) and the 580 all the other parts are new. And thanks for the tip for the how to guides I appreciate it and will be using them :)
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    if money is not an issue, i would look at the antec high current pro 1200 & corsair AX1200 (around $260-270)
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