Should I buy this used i7 970 gaming rig?

Hi everyone,

Been a long time reader. I am a gamer and have read a lot of articles on the latest Sandy Bridge thing and know that i5 2500 is probably the better option (price/performance) for gaming. I was also about to build one aorund it until today, when I came across a local classified that has this used pc posted. It has:

CPU : Intel i7 970
Video Card : ATI Radeon 6870 1GB
RAM: 6GB DDR3 ( 3 x 2GB )
SSD: Intel X25-M 80GB
HDD: 1,5TB

All for 1150$!

Now I know that a new build with i5 2600 and all the rest should come up to about the same $, and might even give better gaming performance. The thing is, I do use the PC for other things too like photoshop and video editing. Just that my budget is built around the gaming side of things.

Games I would play are mostly MMOs and shooters, which I think the former is more CPU dependent and the latter GPU dependent right?

Another concern I am having is that I don't know the brands of the components. I do know that the case is an Alienware Aurora tower. Would that be a problem?

Anyways, thanks advance for inputs!!
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  1. It's a decent buy if you need want a hexacore i7 and a SSD. In terms of gaming performance the limiting factor for any system over $700 is the video card. The 6870 is a fast card but by now means the fastest on the market. For $1150 you can build a faster gaming machine.
  2. A similar build with a 2500K only comes to ~$900 with brand-new parts, warranty, and perhaps better performance.

    In terms of resale value though, this system is great if you part it out. Aurora cases sell for $100+ on ebay as well $350+ for the 970.
  3. You don't know what motherboard, or how the PC has been treated. I would seriously consider building new with an $1150 budget.
  4. Yeessss you guys are quite right on the budget price. Just doing it quick quick on newegg it seems like I could get 2500k for about <800$ before video card. I could probably land a better one for 300$ :D! Let me take a closer look!
  5. Don't get it twisted, the 970 is a MUCH BETTER overall CPU than the 2500K.
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